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Abaya is a long cape that Muslim women mainly wear. It covers all the body from head to toe except the eyes. Black color is the base color for Abaya, but dark colors are also used for Abaya. And many women like dark colors. Nowadays, modern Abaya is being introduced in society. Many women now choose colorful Abaya to make them look fashionable. Now the embroidery Abaya is also available in the market. In short, adding style to Abaya makes it look more beautiful. They not only look fashionable but also cover the whole body. 

Abaya has no specific fabric to serve its entire purpose to fashion or style. It is totally up to your choice. You can have it in any fabric like Linen, Jersey, Chiffon, Georgette, Cotton, Satin, and many more. Abaya is available in different styles and designs. To see the latest Abaya designs, see our entire collection. We have the latest Abaya designs and offer top-quality Abaya stitching services in a short period. Take Abaya stitching services from Sahi Se. You get a beautiful Abaya online at your doorstep within a few days. We will serve you to have the latest Abaya designs stitched by us.

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