Independence Day collection comes in Green and White colors, representing the Pakistan flag color scheme. These colors are signs of peace and love. In Pakistan, we all love to celebrate this function yearly with excitement and enthusiasm. As Pakistanis, we all showcase our love and patriotism. We especially designed particular dresses to celebrate this day. Here we tend to be to share some new ideas for you, the Dresses which are designed for the Independence Day celebration of your beautiful Country Pakistan.

Dresses designed for Independence Day

The latest 14 August dress design for girls is a statement that shows your independence and patriotism. There are multiple designs with the colors green and white. These designs are perfect for the Independence Day celebration!

1. White Frock with Churidar Pajama and Green Dupatta

White-colored frock and trouser paired with a green dupatta is good to go. If you want to keep your look elegant and simple, go for this dress. It does never go outdated. You can stitch the shirt in frock style with churidar pajama and be paired with a green net dupatta with white pulses on corners, and wow, you have created your rock style.

2. All green is good to go

The word “all green” is indicating here the dark green shade. A green chiffon shirt or frock is best for you. A solid combination is never going wrong ever. On the other hand, the green color already shows peace and is highly calm; wearing all green is the best option. White and green color jewelry, including bangles, badges, and earing, can boom your style and make your look elegant.

3. White and Green Stripes Shirt with Jeans

This white and green stripe Independence Day girl’s dress with long sleeves is a perfect choice to wear for this day. It is a timeless classic shirt that makes your look elegant and sophisticated. It ramps up the wow factor of any look. The striped shirt with jeans or denim shorts will make your style more classic, elegant, and eye-catchy. For compete the best look of yourself, wear a decent jewelry and paired with white shoes will definitely boost your style!

4. White and green polka dot dress

This green and white polka dot dress can make your look stylish yet simple on Independence Day. Mix patterns and prints add the touch of a modern and sleek look. These full of spots style can make your look elegant and in the game!

5. T-shirt style also exists!

Wearing a green t-shirt is also the preferable dress to wear on an Independence Day. You can wear a plain green t-shirt with white jeans and add the badges, jewelry, and shoes of green and white color to give the classic touch. Another option is that you can print your t-shirts with the flag or can write the slogans such as “Love Pakistan” or something similar will also add a touch of traditionalism.

To summarize

Above we have listed a few of the latest dress designs for girls that you should look at. These designs can be versatile and can help you look your best when out and about. So, make sure to look at some of these latest dress designs for girls of the Independence Day if you’re looking for new clothing to wear out.

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